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What is USB ? 

Limited expandability, difficult configuration and too many kinds of cables and connectors have made upgrading or adding new devices to a PC troublesome. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) has been designed to solve these problems and offer a standard solution for all external devices. Setting up PC hardware is no longer inconvenient.
Universal Serial Bus connectivity standard allows up to 127 devices that can be connected to the Host PC without using multiple connector types, interrupt conflicts (IRQs), DMA channels and hardware address adjustments (jumpers) . 


Why USB ?


One-Size-Fits-All feature

One industry standard connection set for all peripherals and accessories , makes USB will replace many common PC connectors such as parallel, RS-232 serial , Mini-Din and D-Sub. 

Plug and Play feature

With USB hub and connector , telephony, modem, keyboard, mouse, game ports, serial ports device, parallel ports devices, digital audio, printer and scanner truly become plug-and-play, because UBS peripherals are correctly detected and configured automatically just after they are physically attached.

Hot Insertion and Removal feature

Makes expansion even easier, as users can add peripheral without the need of turning off or rebooting the PC. 


Types of USB Cable We Provided



Universial Serial Bus (Sub-Channel Type)

Product Description :
    Stranded tinned copper conductor.

    Color-coded semi-rigid PVC insulation.

    Mylar or paper shielded.

    PVC jacket.

    Rated temp. 75XC. Rated voltage: 30 Volts.



Universial Serial Bus (Fully-Rated Type)

Product Description :
    Stranded tinned copper conductor.

    HDPE & semi-rigid PVC insulation.

    Aluminum mylar shielded.

    Tinned stranded copper drain wire.

    Tinned copper braid shielded.

    PVC jacket.

    Rated temp. 75X C. Rated voltage: 30 Volts.


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